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Nov 24, 2009 9:00am EST
third, pnc, regions, suntrust and wells fargo. some are asking obama's pay czar to ease up on the ig. according to the journal, they argue that ultimately the tax pay, us, well suffer if the curbs are too severe. >> and china's planning agency has okd a proposal to build a disney theme park in shanghai. disney says the project would include a magic kingdom style experience tailored to the chinese region. >> hong kong disneylands were amazing because it's the same as here but -- >> it is, export it, man. >> but not. we've been talking about playing the china boom, but what allies investing opportunities elsewhere? jim hoff fat's favorite places include switzerland and brazil. good to have you with us, if you could go anywhere in the world you want. you don't currently according to my notes have positions in china. i'm curious as to why especially on day were stocks there sank and we found out that they have extended more than twice as many loans in china just so far this year as compared to all of last year. do we have a big bubble there? >> well, we've been concerned about there bein
Nov 25, 2009 9:00am EST
litting their highest level since september of last year. and we are just learning president obama plans a major address on afghanistan, the future, the strategy, and the troop levels. tuesday, he will give it from west point, of course, where general petraeus graduated at 8:00 eastern. >> with the exclusivity of a swiss bank account isn't what it used to be the scott cohn talking exclusively to the ceo of the swiss bankers association. scott? >> the exclusivity, matt, and the secrecy, big changes in what traditionally has been a hey screen for investors looking for privacy and maybe to look to be away from scrutiny and taxes. it has gained momentum as so many countries grapple with budget shortfalls. the swiss took some time to come around but now are fully engaged. no greater evidence than that than the settlement between the u.s. and ubs which yielded the names of thousands of suspected tax cheats. what is the point of a swiss bank account anymore? the association tells us, don't worry, very little has changed. >> they get the same level of service. they get excellent service levels,
Nov 27, 2009 9:00am EST
, everybody in washington has been focused on two issues for president obama. one is the afghanistan war. he's going to make his announ announcement next tuesday. the other is health care that debate begins in the senate on monday. actually the white house, the administration and congress, are focused very keenly on the jobs issue, which is natural when you've got unemployment at 10.2%. really the question for december or one of the major questions is is there going to be a jobs program. now, the president is going to have this jobs summit next thursday. here are some of the items under consideration when you talk to, in particular, the house of representatives which may drive this train. one is the possibility of extending unemployment benefits. that's very likely to happen. the second is potentially a tax credit for the creation of new jobs. got to figure out a way to avoid employers gain that to simply to get the tax credit. the third, aid to states and cities, perhaps even for the direct job creation, not just to save the job completion for firefighters but maybe some wpa stale jobs to c
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3